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Updated: 5/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hmm... this looks like an interesting place, I think I can find something cool here, I should start digging.
  • I have been digging for so long... I should probably just give up by now. But I think I am getting somewhere, so I am going to keep digging.
  • I wonder what this is, it looks so cool!
  • OMG! Finally after hours of digging I finally found something. lets go take it to the lab so I can get help finding out about this thing.
  • Howard Carter is an archaeologist. In 1925 he thinks he should dig here, so he starts digging.
  • Howard thinks he should give up, but then he thinks he is getting somewhere so he keeps digging.
  • Howard finally finds something, he thinks it so cool so he takes it to the lab to get some help finding out about this thing.