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Updated: 4/14/2020
TV Story

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  • Welcome to GeorgeBrownNews! My name is Scarlett DiepWe would love to share a story about NPower Canada and charitable course for youth who could not find job or afford post-secondary educationNow I would love to pass this down to our scene reporter Kyle Ho.
  • Anchor Desk
  • Hello, I am Kyle Ho, a scene reporter for GeorgeBrownNews, and i am here to day to share with you the program of NPower and also how is it benefit students.
  • Local GTA Area
  • NPower Canada, provide IT course for young people who is facing difficulties in finding jobs, and they announce that 80% of student who graduated from the program will be able to be employed within six months.
  • Inside NPower
  • Now we have a chance to talk to Ms. Julia Blackburn, CEO of NPower Canada. We have some questions for you, how did you come up with this ideas about create job opportunities for youth in GTA, and Canada generally
  • Blackburn said "Toronto was identified as a community that had not only youth unemployment side, but also a large tech sector that could provide jobs for those youth."
  • NPower Canada Classroom
  • NPower Canada is being said that they are working with the government and also corporations, these firms funded the charitable activities such as free training program and also job opportunities after graduated.
  • NPower Canada Classroom
  • Student at NPower Canada
  • By moving here as a international student or immigrant, I feel loss and struggle when come to looking for decent jobs. NPower Canada helps me to learn and elaborate my skills, and also feel confident by understanding the culture and profession
  • Hi, How do you feel about the training program of NPower Canada, and how does it impact on your career?
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