catie. british industrialization

Updated: 1/12/2021
catie. british industrialization

Storyboard Text

  • Jewel of the Crown
  • give me everything
  • Goods
  • The Raj
  • Sepoy
  • We will pay you to help us take control over India!
  • Britain took a lot of India's resources to use for their own success. They mainly produced cotton, tea, coffee, indigo, and opium. 300 million Indians were a large market for British products
  • Some Positive Effects
  • The Raj was the time period where India was under British rule. India was divided into many different parts.
  • Sepoy Mutiny
  • The Sepoy were Indians who were paid to fight in the British army; helped Kings fight for power in India
  • Some Negative Effects
  • we worked so hard for those
  • give us all your crops
  • schools/ colleges were founded and sanitation improved
  • An unsuccessful revolution; the Sepoy decided to fight against the British; there were serious splits between Hindu and Muslims and there was inconsistent leadership. Sikhs stayed loyal to the British
  • The cash crops that Britain took from Indians made it nearly impossible for small farmers to produce enough food for themselves
  • what will i feed my family