Unknown Story

Updated: 3/26/2021
Unknown Story

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  • "Forgive thee what, Little One? Thou hast given all to me, sacrificed everything; thou art an angel..."
  • "Pardon, pardon, Big Sister; oh, forgive! If thou knewest how I have had fear of this moment all my life...."
  • I fell in love with Henry, but then you were both going to get married. I was so upset I cried for days, I was jealous of the marriage!
  • Days before the marriage you two took a walk and kissed, I saw you both and I was angry. "I said to myself:'He shall not marry Suzanne, never! He shall marry no one. I should be too unhappy.'"
  • "I took a little medicine bottle that mamma had; I broke it small with a hammer, and I hid the glass in my pocket. It was a shining powder. The next day, as soon as you had made the little cakes . I split them with a knife and I put in the glass. He ate three of them"
  • "My life, all my life what torture! I said to myself: 'I will never leave my sister. And at the hour of death I will tell her all' There! And ever since, I have always thought of that moment when I should tell thee all. Now it is come. It is terrible. Oh ... Big Sister!"
  • "I forgive thee, I forgive thee, Little One."
  • "Mademoiselle Suzanne, your sister is dying!"
  • "I am going to die ... I want you to forgive me. I want it ... I cannot go off to meet him without that."