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Updated: 9/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • My love for reading started off when my mother would always read to my sister and I
  • As I started school I soon realized all the Kids were better at reading then me
  • As I got older I ended up being placed in the special learners room, for kids not as developed in reading because of that I was made fun of a lot
  • Why do you get to go and get help on test , are you stupid or something
  • It all got worse when I started sports and my mom was the coach and would humiliate me about my grades in front of everyone, I wouldn't want to be at school or home
  • Just because your failing in school doesn't mean you get to fail here, you owe me 10 guts
  • Once I hit 7th grade I had an English teacher that I loved. She helped me everyday after school with homework and we would read together to help me get better
  • As soon as my grades improved the tensions at home eased and my mother became that comfort source once again in my life