Stressed out
Updated: 3/16/2021
Stressed out

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  • Are you kidding me, my teachers just uploaded another assignment? I have other classes work to do and I have to be prepared to take 4 test to tomorrow!
  • How do they expect us to deal with this? I have hobbies and other stuff I want to do. forget this, I'm going to bed. I cant stay up until 1am anymore doing all this unnecessary homework.
  • Missing Assignments: 12
  • Well, now that I've actually gotten a good night sleep, maybe ill be able to focus and knock out these assignments. hopefully I can be more productive and be motivated.
  • Now you gotta squareroot the hypotenuse to get your answer.
  • Oh, thankyou. I never would've gotten that on my own.
  • Missing Assignments: 0
  • Finally, I completed all of my Assignments!!! Thank You mom for helping me.