mayan stronomy
Updated: 2/9/2021
mayan stronomy

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  • hi im alene! im from a rural village called constellation city, in this city people are educated on different cultares take on astrononmy.
  • this is my dad, the cities top astronomer! he will tell you more about astronomy from all over the world.
  • first lets talk about astronomy from the mayans perspective, i love talking about their thoughts on space.
  • The Mayans used the constellations to predict season throughout their calander. They saw the planets and the sun especially as gods, gods that looked over all human activity. The mayan also had holidays and big events during eclipses. An example of this would be that rulers werent allowed to ascend the throne if certain planets were visible.
  • The Mayans believed that the earth rose around the mayan people simply because of their words. They also believed the earth was flat and had four corners, and that all the planets moved around the earth. Lastly they had temples that were based around astronomy, these temples were extremely important and sacred to them.
  • Thank you father for sharing that amazing knowledge. Next time we will talk about how the french viewed astronomy.