module 1 total wellness
Updated: 6/10/2020
module 1 total wellness
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  • module 1
  • Total WellnessThe meaning of total wellnessAlicia Aadland
  • What is total wellness?
  • The meaning of total wellness is to be pysicaly, mentally, emotionally, and socialy well.
  • social health
  • To be socially well it means that you are able to interact with others and understand and meet the needs of other people.
  • Some things in life may cause stress and it might be hard to handle or controll.
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  • some ways to help stress eating are to stock healthy food in the house, eat only while sitting, etc. These are great ways to help stress eating.
  • some ways that you can handle stress are setting goals for yourself, use posotive talk, take responsibility for your actions, etc.
  • To be physically well it means that you are at a healthy body weight and you have a healthy diet with healthy workouts.
  • physical health
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  • mental/emotional
  • stress eating can be a cause of stress and it can cause many different problems just because of stress eating
  • To be mentally and emotionally well is to be comfortable with everything around you including yourself, and how you react to things that happen in your life.
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