the practical applications of UV radiation. part II
Updated: 2/8/2021
the practical applications of UV radiation. part II

Storyboard Text

  • Can you see this lamp?
  • But watch out don't look at it directly. It has radiation that can make you blind
  • This lamp is not just an ordinary lamp, it also used as a disinfectant which is called Germicidal UV lamps which can kill 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria in a short amount of time. It has many applications in cleaning, disinfecting objects and also water
  • Wow, That's great and that's why my mother told me not to look directly on our UV lamp in cleaning our water
  • Yes, what does it do Felmyr?
  • My father and I built this and this resin is what we used. But it is not just an ordinary resin because it is UV curing resin which we used to coat this woods to be more stronger than ever it do. That's why it's so strong. This resin can cure in a short time through the UV radiation energy in a device to irradiate it.
  • Wow! You build this treehouse? It's so strong! How did you built this?
  • Yes, We also use UV radiation which we use the lights to determine the security features we need to see in order to know if it is real and legitimate. Most of them have marks using flourescent ink which only seen using UV lights. That's how we identify counterfeit bills and cards
  • Here's Jackie my friend. She knows another one and it's all about how they determine the real and fake money in the bank and also secrutiry features and credit cards
  • Wow, Awesome! No wonder, money has some hidden features
  • Thank you, Felmyr! For helping me know about the application of UV radiations . Now it is clear for me before I study it again
  • Thanks Felmyr! You're the best!
  • No problem Tito! If there's anything you have a question just approach me. I'll do my best to teach it to you
  • Bye Felmyr!!!
  • Well, I'm going to study now for our Science Quiz
  • Bye Tito! Study well you can do it!