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Unknown Story
Updated: 1/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Maria: Where did you get the money for your armor!?!?Cario: I have been declared a new job.Maria: Declared?Cario: The gladiator wish is upon me.
  • Why DID this Have to happen!!
  • Maria: You can't, it... it.. isn't safe. Cario i'm scared.Cario: Why are you scared, i'm the one going into danger.Maria: I'm not scared for me, i'm scared for you. You are my one true love Cario,
  • Oh Cario, did this have to be the way you went.
  • If it makes you feel any better I can teach you about gladiators.
  • Holly: Look at all the gladiators!Maria: You know one of them are my husband.Holly: Yeah, I know.Maria: I'm just so scared for him.
  • Gladiators had to eat wheat and beans and a few other foods.
  • Gladiators are important because they played a part in Roman society.
  • As a tradition Gladiators became gladiators as slaves or conquered people.
  • Announcer: And against the feisty lion is, hometown lover, CARIO!!Cario: Oh No!Maria: CARIO my gosh, CARIO!!!
  • Holly: Gladiators are men trained to fight with weapons against other men and animals. Gladiators fight in amphitheater, like our own Colleseum.The purpose for these men to fight to the death for our enjoyment.
  • The Last of the FightsThe last gladiator fight was on January 1 404 AD. A fun fact about the end of gladiator fights is that a monk tried to stop a fight in a Roman amphitheater, but the croud didn't like that and stoned him to death.
  • Fun Fact: the Colosseum collapsed by damage from a earthquake in 1349.
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