Monroe Doctrine
Updated: 1/18/2021
Monroe Doctrine

Storyboard Text

  • What are we going to do the European nations are getting out of control.
  • Don't worry I have already contracted a plan called the Monroe Doctrine.
  • Hello I have created the Monroe Doctrine that will keep the Europeans from taking over our land.
  • I have Created the Monroe Doctrine.
  • In 1822, Spain was losing power so " four European nations -France, Austria, Russia, and Prussia- discussed a plan to help Spain regain its Ameican holding" (McGraw Hill pg 349). In fear, people looked to President Monroe for help.
  • I hope to join you in the Monroe Doctrine.
  • Lets work together.
  • "The President issued a Statement on December 2, 1823: The United States would not get involved in affairs or wars in Europe" (McGraw Hill pg 350). This statement created by James Monroe later evolved into the Monroe Doctrine.
  • Stay out!
  • Why can't we come in?
  • Once the Monroe Doctrine was put in effect, America didn't have to worried about the European nations taking over their land. In it is stated that the Monroe Doctrine "Served as a clear warning to European nations to Keep out of the Americas" (McGraw Hill pg 350).
  • The Monroe Doctrine will help us for years to come
  • Soon Great Britain joined America in the Monroe Doctrine. It is stated that the British wanted a joint statement to further keep the European nations out so they don't further colonize on their land as well.
  • North and South America finally were able to remove themselves from the European's and keep their land. Which was able to further Protecting it.
  • To conclude the Monroe Doctrine, "...became a guiding force in American foreign policy in decades ahead" (McGraw Hill350). The Monroe doctrine had to change our foreign policies and help prevent wars and loss. Overall, it improved the Americans even further.