Hero's Journey - Divergent
Updated: 6/9/2020
Hero's Journey - Divergent

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  • The Ordinary World
  • The Call to Adventure
  • Refusal of the Call
  • Beatrice Prior is a 16 year old girl in a futuristic society, where everyone belongs to one of the five factions based on what they value most. Abnegation - her faction, where she lives with her mother, father and brother - values selflessness, Amity values kindness, Candor values honesty, Dauntless values bravery, and Erudite values knowledge. This shows The Ordinary World because it explains how her society functions and gives the readers a window into her life.
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • I am selfish. I am brave.
  • Before they choose their new faction, all 16 year olds have to take an aptitude test that tells them what faction they would fit in the best with, but the woman who administered her test told her that her results were inconclusive; she is Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite - which is called being Divergent. This is an example of The Call to Adventure, because the protagonist runs into something that challenges her comfortable Ordinary World.
  • Meeting the Mentor
  • When Tris decides she will not leave Abnegation, even though she is unhappy there it is after her brother transfers to Erudite. She feels like she has no other choice but to stay because her parents will be heartbroken. This shows The Refusal, because even though the protagonist knows in her heart what she should do, she cannot bring herself to actually do it because of fears that her family will be broken and it will be all her fault.
  • Tests, Allies, & Enemies
  • Despite how hard Tris tries to convince herself to stay, deep down she still desires her freedom and adventure. Almost in the same instant that she refuses the call, she makes the choice that will change her life forever - she chooses Dauntless. This moment is where the hero crosses the threshold, because she decides to leave everything and leap into the unknown; accepting that she is meant for something bigger than what she believed for her whole life.
  • Tris’s mentor is Four (Tobais), her initiation instructor/future boyfriend, who she meets when she joins Dauntless. Throughout the story, he shows her how to be successful, teaches her many things, and helps her become a better version of herself. He represents The Mentor, because she is in an unknown situation and needs help to navigate this new world, and he has a lot of advice to give and things to show her, since he transferred from Abnegation, too, and can relate to her.
  • In the beginning of initiation, the protagonist meets her first allies: Christina, Will, and Al- who all bond over being transfers. One of her first tests is having to stand in front of a target while knives are thrown at her to protect her friend, and she meets her first enemies when Peter, Drew, and Al attack her fro being ranked first at the end of initiation. These show some of the important Tests, Allies, and Enemies Tris encounters because they teach her lessons and help the reader learn more about her as she learns more about herself.
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