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Updated: 6/4/2020
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  • Hello and welcome to the Zhou Dynasty. Today you will be exploring the 3 Chinese Philosophies.
  • Time to learn about Confucianism! Confucianism is about making peace in life through the five different relationships.
  • Husband and wife, ruler and subject, father and son, younger sibling and older sibling, friend and friend.
  • You must respect the people in a higher status than yourself. They also must set a good example by being honest and kind. Confucius once said “Do not do to others what you would not want done to you.”
  • Yin and yang means shaded and sunlit. It is like how life is made up of opposites. there is no good without bad, no life without death. As stated by the teachings of Dao the best ruler is the one who rules the least.The Dao De Jing states that governing a big country is like frying a small fish. You spoil it with too much poking. what this means is that if you are too much in control you will be a bad leader
  • In Daoism nature always has opposites like good and bad, life and death. They said that true harmony could come from the opposite forces of nature, yin and yang.
  • Daoism is based on the Chinese idea of Dow or"the way". Daoism taught that people got happiness when they lived in agreement and harmony
  • They would reward people with good behavior and punish people with bad behavior. Servants that did a poor job would be punished and people that were caught finding fault with the king would be sent to China's northers frontier.
  • Now it is time to learn about legalism. People who believed in legalism believed that everybody is naturally selfish and that people should always follow their own interests
  • They say that people should not be relied on to have a good influence to others. They said that rulers should not set good examples, instead they should enforce strict laws and harsh punishments
  • I can only do 3 or 6 slides with normal version so these two are extra
  • I can only do 3 or 6 slides with normal version so these two are extra