jer spencer-effects of climate change

Updated: 9/29/2021
jer spencer-effects of climate change

Storyboard Text

  • Forest fires
  • bruh this heat
  • why!!!
  • Increased droughts
  • meep
  • I'm so thirsty!!
  • Heavy rains
  • meep meep
  • a forest fire is happening because lighting hit a tree in this area that has an increased dry drought, it affects the people in this area because of pollution that the fire is causing
  • Water scarcity
  • save some for the rest of us
  • they are experiencing an increase in droughts, it was caused by a lack of rain which dried out their river . the lack of rain most likely happened from global warming, this affects the people in this area because it means for them that they will have less water and will not have enough to grow crops to be able to eat... meep will survive tho he's a legend
  • Damaged crops
  • in this scene, they have been experiencing heavy rain. The heavy rain has caused meeps land to flood which will eventually reach his cabin and damage it. heavy rain can affect many of us because it can damage our houses flood our places and so much more.
  • Insect outbreaks
  • emo baddie
  • smells like dookie
  • this city is experiencing water scarcity, which causes the people not to have enough water to survive on. now many places depend on trucks of illegal water to keep them alive. water scarcity happens because of droughts, overuse of water, pollution. this affects us because we need water to live and with not enough to go around many off us will die or get sick.
  • this farmer is experiencing damaged crops, no not from meep it's actually caused by the forest fires which are caused by dry droughts and so on. this affects us because farmers will lose their income and it will decrease the amount of food available for consumption.
  • yooo those are my crops!
  • meep meep
  • an outbreak of insects has happened in this city, not just in the bathroom, as the climate changes and global warming gets worse it can cause many outbreaks of insects. the impact of these insects is pretty big they ruin stored grain, destroy wooden building materials and affect our health because they carry diseases.
  • damn bugs
  • meep meep