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Updated: 8/18/2021
Unknown Story

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Black Noise

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  • It's 7 am, Jean is praying. That's the first thing he does in the morning. Today is big day for him. He finally becomes a citizen of this "great" nation.
  • Jean s all dressed, having coffee with his wife, Maria. The news on TV is covering the events of January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol. Jean looks disappointed. in the weeks leading to his appointment, he has made it known that he feels some type of way about all the unrest, and was considering skipping the ceremony and all. Luckily, his wife convinced him to look at the bigger picture. 
  • Jean arrives to the USCIS office. 
  • Jean meets Martin in the parking lot and they start talking. The gentlemen start sharing family stories and aspirations. Then politics made its way into the conversation. Tension was running high, until Martin looks at his watch and let Jean knows that his appointment is soon. He bids him farewell and enters the office building.
  • Jean is left there, visibly upset with an aftertaste of that conversation. He doesn't understand why is it ok for people to think that all life matters, but blacks lives don't. BLM supposed to remind people that we are people too, and we want to same opportunities reserved for the majority. Jean demands change, that's why he is doubting his about pledging his loyalty to a country that doesn't recognized him as human being. On the other hand, he still wants to built a legacy for his family by doing so.
  • After awhile, Jean is finally ready to go forward with it, he gets up and makes his way into the building, determined. He addresses the person at the desk that checks his temperature, checks his papers, gives him a number. A new but uncertain beginning awaits.