Updated: 12/17/2019
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  • if man is lead by law and obedience to them is enforced by the threat of punishment, he will try to void. but never be ashamed of his misdemeanors
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  • Confucius was a Chinese influencer, he was born in 511.BC and is one of the most influential teachers of all time
  • he though the form of respect, and self discipline, having rituals, regulations like have good attitudes and compassion with others.
  • social interactive learning is always better than taking notes
  • he tough young audiences to respect against elders, and having responsible held contactable fro those in need. formally teaching love and worship for ancestors and conformity
  • he started teaching with turning his house into a school, for nearby people to have an education, he risked his belongings to spread his teachings and soon became a government administer for his popularity
  • his plan was to find and use ways to communicate and not use written teaching, he believed in mythical points of vie w and to be inspired by others. and he encouraged the act if having though process to yourself.
  • Confucius was responsible for creating act system of respect and ritual, he made this a pert of almost everyone's lifestyle in Chinese culture, he died in November 21 479 BC
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