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Romulus and Remes
Updated: 11/20/2019
Romulus and Remes
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  • Once upon a time in Alba Longa, there was a king named Numitor, his daughter Rhea Silvia, and his brother Amulius. Amulius was jealous of his brother so he exiled him, and he became king.
  • Amulius heard a prophecy that one of Rhea's sons would overthrow him. So, he made a Rhea a vestal virgin. She then had a twins with Mars,
  • You look just like my daughter. You must be my grandchildren.
  • Amulius found out and sent his slaves to kill Romulus and Remes. His slave decided not to kill them and \out them in a basket and put them in the Tiber River.
  • A she-wolf found the twins and raised them until a shepherd, Faustulus, found them and took them home. Faustulus raised them with his wifeuntil they were teenagers.
  • A neighbor saw Romulus and Remes and knew that they were his grandchildren. The twins knew that had to overthrow Amulius and make Numitor king again.
  • Numitor became king and Amulius was exiled. The twins got bored and decide to build a city where the she-wolf found them.
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