The most dangerous game
Updated: 12/1/2020
The most dangerous game

Storyboard Text

  • Rainsford fell of his cruise ship and had to swim to an island and finds a huge mansion with a huge body graud
  • The General explained to Rainsford that he will be hunting him for 3 days and if he doesn't find him then he will let him go
  • He met with the general and they talked about his life and how much the general loved to hunt but it didn't excite him as much any more
  • He had to run because the General was now hunting him and he had to run away because if he didn't hid good enough he would be killed
  • He left a complicated trail so that they wouldn't be able to track him also he stayed the night in a tree so that Zaroff would have a hard time finding him.
  • He was hiding in the swamp he heard hounds coming from a distance so he dug a hole so when they came they fall into the hole on to the spikes so they would get stabbed and die
  • Once he killed Ivan and the hounds he had won the game so he swam to the mansion to meet up with the General
  • When the General walked into the room Rains-ford was waiting for him and wanted to end it all so he killed the General and slept in his bed that night
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