Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • *Whispers*
  • Would you like to hang out after school?
  • I have homework sorry.
  • Emily, Sophia and Candice spread those rumours about you
  • They would never say that! They are my best friends.
  • Emily walks into school and sees people gossiping about her and pointing at her. She is confused but goes to class
  • Emily decided to ask her best friend Sophia if she would like to hang out at school. She declines and says shes busy.
  • Did you say those things about me?
  • No we didn't!
  • On the bus, Emily's friend Makayla tells her that Sophia has been spreading rumours about her. Emily doesn't believe it and goes home.
  • ‘Lord, protect me from my friends, because I know who my enemies are, please help me find the wheat instead of the weeds.’’
  • As Emily was on social media, she saw something on her phone. It was Emily with Candice and another girl. Emily was upset because she was lied to.
  • The next day Emily confronts Sophia and Candice and asks them if they made up those rumours. They deny that they said it, so she goes home to pray.
  • She began to say -