Updated: 11/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • This window is so see-through that it might be a risk and delay people from driving past here
  • Good thing all of the cars are not damaged yet. We need to tell someone.
  • Hey, I was wondering if you could you satisfy my needs? Could you apply oil and grease to my car to my car?
  • Actually, I can do it right now and I am ready. I started this company and I can bombard it with repairs. I can
  • Hello, I know I am early and this isn't your routine but I got really angry and a trouble maker and I was wondering if you had the new comic book to keep me calm
  • I can give it to you if you promise to stay calm and controlled and if you don't I will be persuaded to not give the book to you
  • Hazard, Hinder, Transparent, Unscathed
  • The President rules America and he is a smart man he gives everyone equality
  • I like President Johnson and its cool that we feel the same about him
  • This Covid-19 is so bad that it is like an evil disease
  • Pelt, Entrepreneur, Cater, Available, Lubricate
  • It is like absolutely necessary to stay clean
  • Hi, I know that you might not have any interest in doing this but could you please help me find the library
  • Customary, Dissuade, Firebrand, Indignant, Poised
  • I can certainly help you find the library.
  • Regime and mutual
  • indispensable and plague
  • indifference