nat 5 storyboard part 2
Updated: 2/10/2020
nat 5 storyboard part 2
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  • Michael fulfils his mother's dying wish of seeing him do what he loves.
  • Michael starts to have a mysterious recurring dream about a boy sinking in water but doesn't think anything of it.
  • Jenny gives Michael a box of his father's things, who left many years ago after getting involved with drugs and meeting another woman.
  • smiling, lighthearted music, Jenny (mother) looks happier and healthier for once, over-the-shoulder shot.
  • the box is full of pictures, medals, letters and newspaper articles about his father, who was once a famous swimmer.
  • ominous music, blurry, out of focus, fast editing of clothes rippling and emotionless face, but not showing the whole face because this is part of the mystery of this recurring dream.
  • Michael runs to Larry's house to find Larry because he looks like the man in the photos.
  • silence, mysterious tone, quiet voices, serious facial expressions.
  • Michael arrives at Larry's house and the audience are left on a cliffhanger as to what happens next.
  • shocked facial expression, pov shot, Jenny looking exhausted.
  • dear jenny,i hope you are well. i've been thinking recen-
  • intense music, fast editing, heavy breathing, close-ups, extreme close-ups, flashing between his dad's face and Larry's face.
  • intense music cuts out, centered shots of both's faces, screen cuts to black when they make eye contact.
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