Updated: 10/23/2020

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  •'s lesson is going to be about rainbows . did you know that a rainbow can that a "noonbow" is rare lunar rainbow produced by light of the moon .
  • 3.arch
  • you know what a rainbow is ?
  • 4.colors
  • before starting our explanation, let's review some colors.
  • 3.red5.violet
  • 2.what's the color of blood?4.what's the color of an eggplant?5.what the color of my pants?7.who can tell me what's the color of the sky?
  • 3.ohhh! it stands for red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo and violet!
  • know where else you can see these colors? in the rainbow
  • memorize its colors in order memorize the following phrase:ride on your good bike in valleys
  • start the lesson with a hook to make it more interesting
  • prime the brain to memorize by starting with a review of acquired knowledge
  • use mnemonics so that kids can memorize things easier note: students can also do an experiment and use a glass of water, direct it towards the the sunlight so they would see the rainbow themselves.
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