whiskey rebellion
Updated: 2/11/2020
whiskey rebellion

Storyboard Text

  • The Constitution is Ratified
  • Whatever!
  • Gentlemen the constitution tis officially ratified!
  • Here's to a more united states
  • Whiskey tax is brought up, and decided on
  • We should tax whiskey
  • uh uh, not a good idea.
  • Yeah, We dont mind.
  • What do you guys think about a tax on whiskey?
  • Bill is passed
  • They were enthusiastic about it, guess it wouldn't be that bad
  • Sounds like it is settled then, The bill will be passed
  • The constitution was ratified in 1788. The Whiskey Rebellion was the first test of the new government. After the American Revolution the states gained a massive amount of debt. Alexander Hamilton suggested the idea to impose a whiskey tax to help relieve those debts. George Washington did not agree. 
  • Protest Begin
  • Since George Washington disagreed, he sought out the opinions of the citizens of Virginia and Pennsylvania and He received positive feedback of the idea. This told him that if many citizens like the idea then it should be given a try.
  • Extreme violence breaks out
  • HA! look at him! A fool
  • Due to the Enthusiasm met with the idea of the tax from government officials and citizens, Washington brought this to congress so the bill was then passed.
  • Militia Broke apart the rebellion
  • Men, we must come together and control this rebellion
  • Ummm, uh gone...
  • Immediately after the bill was passed, protests and riots began. The reason for the protests and overall anger was that the tax was unfair. The small producers had to pay more per gallon because they produce less, but the larger producers had to pay 6 cents per gallon because they produced more. This enraged small farmers.
  • Men,We must protest to get the change that we seek, This is UNACCEPTABLE!
  • 9 Cents per gallon ,UNFAIR!!!
  • This anger quickly escalated to violent acts towards Tax collectors and others involved with the taxing. Farmers refused to pay taxes, Intimidated Excise officers, and went as far as harassing These officers by showing up at their homes and capturing them to tar and feather them. An example of this violence was the attack, following right after the destruction of Bunker Hill
  • George Washington
  • Where is everyone? This needs to come to an end