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Revalutionary war
Updated: 10/16/2020
Revalutionary war
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  •  Boston Massacre of, 1770.
  • 5 minutes later he dead !!!!!!!
  • NO PAPi !!!!!!
  • Dud, give me jo gun !!!!!!
  • the tea act of, 1773.
  • tax the tea
  • the Boston tea of, 1773.
  • still the tea
  • tea tea tea tea tea and more tea
  • so the Boston massacre is when a guy named Crispus Aducts he was a part of the son's of liberty, and one day he decided that he was going to try and snatch one of the British guns and he ended up being dead.
  • the tea act was when the British decided to tax the tea on the colonist and they would have to play a lot more for it.
  • The Boston Tea Party is the time in 1773 it was when the British ships were in the docks in America and the colonist threw 10,000 pounds of tea in the ocean. And they dressed up as indians so the british would not know it was them but they found out.
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