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Summary Rvalutionary war
Updated: 11/20/2020
Summary Rvalutionary war
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  • The French and Indian War.
  • King George taxes the colonies.
  • no taxation without representation.
  • tar and feathering the British.
  • tar and feather them now!!!
  • The French and Indian war was when the french and indians went into a war because the indians wanted more land. To the west.
  • Valley- forge.
  • There was a lot of tax acts like the tea act, sugar act, and Quartering acts. this is when King George III put a tax on all the important goods like tea, sugar, and molassiss.
  • the battle of Cowpens.
  • The tar and feather act was when the colonist were ticed off and they captured the british and pured tar on them and then put feathers on them.
  • Yorktown
  • Valley- forge was when the American Soldiers were in these camps during the winter and they were so cold a lot of them got frost bight and had to get leg amputations and a lot died.
  • The battle of Cowpens was when the Colonist fought in the middle of a cow field and they won because they have a strategy and they would have a 120 sharp shooters in the front line and they had awcward people in the second line and veterans in the very back.
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