Unknown Story
Updated: 3/16/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • A water droplet is full of need for a adventure and wants to start his own water cycle. So he goes to the surface of the sea and waits...And waits...Until he finally starts to evaporate. He was becoming a cloud!!! He couldn’t believe it! He remained a cloud for a time until he started to get heavier and heavier until finally he was starting to condensate as a snowflake falling to earth.
  • As he was falling he suddenly fell onto a mountain, and it was unbelievably cold. But when the sunlight struck him he started to melt; and slid of the of the mountain as surface runoff and into a river.
  • As he was moving along the river's current he flowed into a small little pond. As he was about to evaporate again, a fox just as he was about to evaporate drank him up.