Frankenstein 2
Updated: 4/8/2021
Frankenstein 2

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  • The monster told Victor his story and made a deal with him. He asked Victor to make him a bride that he could love. If Victor didn't make the monster a bride he would kill his family.
  • Victor agreed to marry Elizabeth, but first, he had to go to Scotland to make the monster a bride. He went back to Scotland with Henry. Henry left in Scotland, but Victor stayed to make the bride of the monster.
  • Victor started creating a creature on a remote island. He had some doubts about the new creature. He thought it could be dangerous to humans and not like the previous creature. He tore his built life matter to pieces.
  • The creature confronted victor about destroying his companion. A day or two later a body was found on the shore strangled it was Henry. Victor vowed to kill the monster and always carried a pistol and dagger on him.
  • Victor was determined to kill the creature with a pistol and dagger. He heard a scream come from his room where Elizabeth was. When he got there she was dead and the monster was in the window. Victor went to tell his father about Elizabeth's death. He fainted when he found out and days later died.
  • Victor followed the creature everywhere he went. His health declined terribly. In the north, victor broke off of an island on a piece of ice. He floated to a ship with people that tried to nurse him back to health. Victor died on the boat. The creature went to say his good byes and told the captain he would burn himself then floated away.