Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • We will control factories and give all power to the Soviet!
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  • We want an end to war!
  • The June Offensive was a disaster!
  • Arm the Bolsheviks! They can protect us!
  • you are stupid
  • Lenin returns from Switzerland and issued his April Thesis, calling for the overthrow of the PG and an immediate end to the war. He also said he would give peasants their land.
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  • Widespread mutinies and strikes in cities, Bolsheviks did not lead this process. Lenin fled to Finland, and in August, the date for the election was decided. He appealed to his party to prepare for revolution.
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  • Station the Red Guard in all important places!
  • Kerensky armed the Bolshevik prisoners amid fears of Kornilov mobilising troops. Good for Bolshevik propaganda but showed the weakness of the PG.
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  • Well.. guess this is ours now.
  • (definitely not Kerensky)
  • Bolshevik membership rose to 200,000, and 10,000 elite "Red Guards" were recruited. By the end of the month they had a majority of seats in the Soviet.
  • Soviet establishes the "Military revolutionary committee" to protect again Germans, chaired by Trotsky. Used as a cover for the seizure of power.
  • oh dear
  • PG tries to shut down Bolshevik newspapers so Lenin gives the order to seize power. Little fighting as PG had a tiny army. Winter Palace seized and Kerensky flees, dressed as a nurse. 
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