Korean War Comic Strip
Updated: 1/2/2021
Korean War Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • The Happy Divide
  • The Great Push 
  • The Grand Comeback
  • Korea was divided at the 38th Parallel, in 1945, the Soviets controlled the Communist North and America controlled the Democratic republic North.
  • U.S. Rebellion?
  • In 1950, the Communist North invaded the South and pushed the South all the way to a small point called the Pusan Sector.
  • Fe Fi Fo Fum Here's China
  • The U.S. helped by going around and counterattacking the North at Inchon but was told not to push them across the Yalu River which bordered China.
  • Giving up?
  • The U.S. chose to go against what the government told them about not going across the Yalu river which officially brought China into the war.
  • Since the American troops gave China an open door into the Korean War, they used all the weapons that they had to push the Americans back to the Parallel.
  • Back to where they began with no head way being made a cease fire was signed by both sides.
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