Updated: 12/21/2020

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Many foxes

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  • -Whisles and all the foxes stop growling- What are you doing..
  • U-Uhh! Just teaching this one a leason since it bit me!
  • -Runs to the others and sticks o their sides-
  • Were takng the blue fox named Skye, then we'll take Gus the Green and white fox. 4Yep, Also be careful these ones are the oes who take care of them the most soe VERY careful!
  • y-Yes ma'am! Now what do we have to do? And who to take..? 3 Ok ma'am! I'll get Gus ready and your gonna tke Skye right?
  • -Whisles- Cmhere Skye~! We gotta go do somethngs then we'll come RIGHT back! -Clips the leash on quickly and starts walking with skye, and skye gdes behind her-
  • Hey hey boy it's okay.. please don't hurt me.. I swear his won't hurt.. -clips a leash onto him- See? It wasn't that bad. -smiles-
  • -Backs up and growls-
  • Okay this'll hurt for a little bit but please don't hurt me this is gonna help you control your flight.. -Clap clap-
  • Bzzt, Using flying procdiger. -Holds it and injects it with a needle and the fox tries getting away- Bzzt, Stop resisting.
  • Skye, Bark(Like the tree) Snow, Oreo Frosy
  • Powder and Flower
  • Grease , Grassy, Chili. Fluffer
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