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Charlie the hamburger
Updated: 9/25/2020
Charlie the hamburger
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  • Hi! I'm Charlie the hamburger. Yes the one in Maddie's hand.
  • She is ver hungry, that means I'm about to start my digestion and absorption journey.
  • I'm already in Maddie's mouth! She starts chewing me up (mechanical digestion) and the amylase in her saliva is breaking down my starch (chemical digestion).
  • Once she's done, I'm sent as a bolus to the esophagus and moved through it by peristalsis. Woohoo!
  • I've landed in the stomach! I'm merged with gastric juices and pepsine, an enzyme that breaksdown my proteins. Now I'm a thick liquid known as chyme.
  • Hello small intestine! Here I'm mixed with enzymes (produced in the pancreas) and bile (produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder) for breakdown. Then while I move along, helped by villi, my nutrients are absorbed into the blood vessels (diffusion).
  • I've arrived to the large intestine... Hurray! In this part my water and minerals are absorbed and what is left of me is called feces. I'm pushed to the rectum and deposited there until Maddie needs to take me out of her system through the anus.
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