The conquering of Hades
Updated: 1/19/2019
The conquering of Hades

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  • One Day Hades ( God of the underworld), wanted more area for the underworld so he had to come up with a plan, to distract the gods to get what he wanted, now you may be asking why he wanted more land. Well the reason was that he wanted revenge for getting the worst place to rule so he wanted to make use for it and thought of the plan to steal more land from the rest of the gods.
  • Hades spent hours thinking of a plan to get more area for his domain and finally came up with a plan 6 hours later. He would steal his two other brothers weapons to destroy their domain and make it his own.
  • burger joint
  • Hades then wrote a note to both to both his brothers Zues and Poseidon (enemies) to invite them to a burger place and leave their weapons in their domain for there was no need just for a nice little talk. He then made it look like he was going to be there but he was really going to be stealing their weapons and domain.
  • While Zues and Poseidon where at the burger place, Hades first went to go steal Zues's lightning bolt and sent olympus on fire. He then commanded the lightning bolt to disappear forever so Zues could never find it.
  • Hades then went to go steal Poseidons trident. He went on the highest rock closest to the ocean and jumped off the rock i to the ocean to go steal Posiedons trident form his domain. He then got the trident and commanded the ocean to disappear and turn the remainder of what was left of the body of the ocean to set of fire and burn the tridnt so poseidon could no longer use it
  • burgers and fries
  • Hades finally gets to the burger place hours after the time he set for the fake meeting . Poseidon and Zeus were both very aggravated for having their time being wasted an felt worse when Hades told both of them that the meeting was pointless and told them to go back to their domains only for them to realize that their domains are now Hades domain, they then had no choice but for to live in Hades domain and Hades would be in charge. The End
  • burgers and fries
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