Underworld thing
Updated: 4/8/2021
Underworld thing

Storyboard Text

  • Ulysses finds Teiresias and allows him to drink the sheep blood.
  • Stand back from the trench and withdraw your sword that I may drink the blood and answer your questions truly.
  • Teiresias drinks the sheep blood and gives Ulysses his prophecy.
  • ...And that's what you should do. If you wish to speak with any of the dead, you must let them taste the blood, if you don't, they will go away.
  • Teiresias leaves to tell more prophecies to other people.
  • Now I must leave.
  • Ulysses spots his mother and tells her to drink the blood.
  • Mother! Please drink this sheep blood.
  • His mother tells him how his father is doing
  • Your father is heartbroken because you never came back, he now stays in his old place and never comes into town.
  • His mother then tells him of her death.
  • Heaven did not take me swiftly and painlessly in my own house, nor was I attacked by any illness. but my longing to know what you were doing and the force of my affection for you. This was the death of me.