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The Encounter
Updated: 9/4/2020
The Encounter
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  • b
  • This does not look good
  • Be Quite for you are just a child.
  • Please listen to me do not welcome them don't befriend them
  • We welcome you here take this ball of cotton thread as a symbol of friendship
  • I had a dream one night about three great-winged birds with voices but they were not like any birds i had ever seen so I woke up and left my hammock and walked to the beach. There I saw my dream birds again except they where real this time- three great-sailed canoes floating in the bay.
  • I stared at the canoes all night and when the sun rose the canoes multiplied into little ones that swam awkardly to our shore. I went to find our chief to tell him not to welcome them to our land because I had a dream that was a warning not to do so but he didn't listen.
  • I tried to warn everyone not to welcomed them and not to call them friends but no one listed to me for I was just a child. The chief checked to see if they were real men and he noticed how pale their skin was and didn't think they came from earth so he assumed they came from the sky so he welcomed them.
  • So we built a great feasting fire and readied the pepper pot and yams and cassava bread and fresh fish. Even though the strangers didn't look like human beings we didn't treat them any different. Our Chief showed them some of the things we do such as rolling and smoking tobacco.
  • I ran back under the trees, back to the place where my zemis stood. I began to say a prayer " let the pale strangers from the sky go away from us and if it must be let something happen to me to show our people what they should know" my zemis was silent. The next day the stranger returned to their canoes to leave with all the gifts my people had given them and me.
  • In the early morning, another land lay close enough to see. Silently, I let myself over the side of the great canoe. I feel down and down into the cold water. Than I swam to that strange shore. I tried to warn everyone about the strangers but no one listened for I was just a child. So it was we lost our lands to the strangers in the sky.
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