Adrian Mole crazy and sticky idea
Updated: 1/4/2021
Adrian Mole crazy and sticky idea

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  • It´s a really cool plane!!I´ve been working along 3 weeks...
  • It´s a crazy Idea...but it maybe not be good...Oh my God, I´m Adrian Mole, why not do that???
  • MUM, DAD!I´ve got a problem!!!
  • Ahhh!!! The glue is so sticky, i shouldn´t do it. It was a really bad idea.
  • Don´t worry Adrian, we are going to go to the hospital, rigth???
  • What has happened???
  • I accidentaly sniffed glue.I was doing the plane when I sneezed
  • Okay Mum...but don´t tell this to noneone
  • Do you know how many teens I have to say this things??? A lot, you are on an age to do crazy and stupid thinks, but all were kids in a time of their life.Promise my you´ll not do another stupid experience, and if your nose is bad, call to the nurse, OK???
  • Oh, no, Doctor Stu, I wasn´t sniff glue. It was an accident
  • Adrian, isn´t it???OK, try to not sniff glue again. It maybe could be an interesting experience, but is extremely dangerous.
  • MUM, not open the door to Pandora!!!
  • And after that, she won´t want to be my girl-friend, and all my life will be miserable.
  • Oh No, Pandora is comming... and she is going to see my horrible nose.
  • And not only this, everyone in the school is going to know the accident with the glue!!!
  • I hate myself, I´m stupid, I only want to cry
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