Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hedra in the underworld with Hades.
  • It is time to go and be your own goddess.
  • Hedra making to the first kingdom
  • I ain't too sure about this place
  • Being trialed for being the daughter of Hades
  • We have no likes for Hades in this kingdom.
  • Hedra,daughter of Hades, must go and use her powers for the living to see her true powers
  • Hedra sees her first spirit
  • We have been trapped here for over 100 years
  • After her long trek, Hedra found a kingdom that has no like for Hades, and her being the daughter of that god, she got caught by guards.
  • Hedra frees all spirits from the kingdom
  • Hedra had been trialed for being the daughter of the god, Hades, and was banished in a prison
  • Hedra, goddess of spirits
  • While in the prison cell, she sees a ghost of a refugee who worships Hades, and plans to free all of the ghosts in the prison.
  • After escaping, Hedra used her power to free all of the spirits in which made her a goddess.
  • Hedra grew up in the caverns with the ghosts and swarmed to protect them with her power.