Carry On
Updated: 5/26/2020
Carry On

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  • "I didn't know that he was broken. I couldn't see that he was a cracked vessel. But Simon isn't here. The Humdrum won't wait. The Pitches are on their way." -The Mage
  • "Head over heels!""Hit the floor!""Helter skelter!"
  • "This woman will have to do. She's the brightest star in the Realm, next to Simon. I can take her power. I just have to kill her first." -The Mage
  • "Helter skelter!" she screams-and the room goes mad. It's a child's spell. A tantrum. The power in this woman... Wasted.I stumble forward through the chaos and sink my blade in her chest." -The Mage
  • "I decide the Mage must be right, even though he talks like a madman. I decide this is for the best. This is for a reason. I hope someone remembers to bring the nannies home." -Ebb
  • "I run into the Chapel, behind the pulpit. Then I think about the Mage, and find my way to a room in the back, with a trapdoor hanging open in the ceiling. I flutter my wings-I still have wings-and catch the edge of the opening." -Simon
  • "As I reach the door to the White Chapel, every window explodes. It sounds like the world is ending, and it's made of glass." -Simon
  • "I step froward quietly; I don't want to interrupt him in the middle of a spell. Especially if he's trying to revive someone." One more silent step, and I see that it's Ebb beneath him-I cry out, I can't help it." -Simon
  • "I look him in the eye. We're the same height. "Not the power," he says. "You are the most powerful mage who ever lived, Simon. You're... a miracle." "But you're not the Chosen One." I'm not the Chosen One. Of course I'm not." - Simon
  • "I take the boy by his shoulders. He laughs. "What're you gonna do-hit me? Go off on me? I'm pretty sure that won't work." "No," I say. "I'm going to end this. I'm sorry." "You're sorry?" "I'm sorry that all the good stuff happened after I left you." The Humdrum looks confused. I close my eyes, and then I imagine myself unlocking every door, turning every tap-and pouring it all into him. The Mage tries to push us apart-but I'm rooted to the center of the earth, and the Mage's hands pass right through the Humdrum. The boy's disappearing." -Simon
  • "No one is listening to Simon. I hold out my ring hand and speak as loudly and clearly as I ever have, letting my magic rise up from my stomach-"Simon says!" Simon's next words ring out, dense with magic-"Stop it, stop hurting me!" The Mage jerks away from him, then sags in Baz's arms." -Penny