The Accident.
Updated: 12/17/2020
The Accident.

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  • In the store
  • In the parking lot
  • In the house
  • One day we went to the shopping market to get milk and vegetables .My brother was being really playful.
  • In the emergency room
  • Once we got what we needed we got ready to walk home and my brother we playing around and got his sleeve stuck in a sharp metal we noticed that his wrist was slashed!
  • After stitches
  • My grandmother and i ran to our home to call my mother so she can take him to the hospital so he could get fixed.My little brother wasn't even scared he just said that it stung a little.
  • At home
  • They took him to the emergency room and they numbed his hand so they could give him stitches my mother was mortified because she thought he was going to loose his hand.
  • After they put a small removable cast that he can remove for showers and sleep his hand was fixed and he can move his hand normally again.
  • To this day we remember how scary that accident was It also made me realize how fragile humans are because one little injury without medical treatment will turn into a really bad problem later on.
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