The journal of Joshua loper
Updated: 4/17/2020
The journal of Joshua loper
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  • expostion
  • meow
  • why do you half to go, your going to leave me here
  • Hey mom hey mom we are going on a cattle haul across the grand canyon
  • conflict
  • help come on help us get this cow unstuck
  • moo
  • we half to get the cow unstuck
  • rising action
  • its nice it will hold us over
  • hey some cattle ran off because some rustlers came up this way but we scared them off but i almost got shot but they took some to
  • hey hears a place to sleep, an old church
  • The story takes place in texsas the year 1871. the characters in this story are the cowboys The mom and Joshua. Joshua is going on a big cattle haul acfross the countryto get them to a town to sell them.
  • climax
  • well the journey had started but not even 100 miles in we had a problem. help the cows gona drowne help help somebody we were screaming the the other pack because we didn't have rope to tye and pull him out.
  • falling action
  • i do not want you here
  • hey im sorry what you dont like me
  • They got all the cows down at the river now its time to hit the hey. wow hold on guy I got some good news and some bad news so me and the guy had a fight with the rustlers coming down this way we scared em off but we almost got shot in the possess.
  • resalution
  • i cant stay i wat to live a normal life
  • that night one of theb cowboys found some good chewing tobacco and gave it to all of the other cowboys at the camp so we took it and went to bed
  • zzzzzzzzzzz
  • a mexacan came over to the camp wich we did not like because he was apart of the gang that ambushed us at the red river earlier
  • that night i went home and lived a normal life not as a cow boy but a citizen so from that day on I was a normal citizen
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