The Lottery Letter
Updated: 6/3/2020
The Lottery Letter

Storyboard Description

STORY: Melanie clasped the letter tightly in her hand, tucking it underneath her jacket to protect it from the rain. She could not let this letter get wet! Her parents just had to see what it said! Her parents won that lottery!It was crazy bro!She was running in a hurry and slipped through a puddle. “Ow that hurt”Said Melanie.But she kept on running not caring what had happened. “MOM MOM!!!”Melanie Exclaimed.Mom quickly said “Girl,what did I say ‘bout respect to ya mother?” “Sorry is that I was excited to show you this”Melanie responded.Little did she know the letter fell in the way.She pulled out nothing thinking it was the letter.Her mom said “What is that,an imaginary cup?”.Then Melanie looked and was shocked that it wasn’t there anymore! “Bu,bu,but”She was stuttering.Her mom said “Melanie sometimes your imagination is too big” and her mom started washing clothes again.Then Melanie quickly opened the door but before she left she said “Imma go to the store mom.”.Her mom said “Ok be safe but come quick.”Melanie shut the door and was wondering how did she lose the note. Then she remembered something.It probably fell when she slipped in the puddle.She went running and “BAM!” she slipped again in the same puddle.”OOWW,Why me!”But then she looked in the puddle to see if that letter.She kneeled down and was searching through.Then somebody looked at her and was thinking “Qué pasa con esa niña?” (Translation:What’s wrong with that girl?)And the man just walked away. Melanie couldn’t find the letter and was desperate to find it.Then she looked in the bush next to the puddle.Then she saw a pitbull with something in it’s mouth.It was the letter about the lottery.She didn’t know how to get it.Then she entered the bush and into the forest.The pitbull was starting to growl. Melanie had to be quick & smart.So she started going close to the pitbull then… “BARK, BARK!!”It chased her and Melanie was dodging all these obstacles in her way then… “Kaboom!”She whacked herself on a pole. “Ahh, am I bleeding?”Then everyone who saw her said “OMG!”And she was like “What?”Melanie was scared and thought she was bleeding to death. Then the people said “Is that the letter when you the lottery?”Then Melanie realized the pitbull dropped it and it was on her forehead.Then a burglar had a money bag and stared at her.Melanie thought “Oh SHOOT,UN LADRON!”(translation:Oh SHOOT,A THEIF!)Melanie quickly went dashing at sonic speed with the letter grasped tight!The burglar was catching up and had years of experience.Then Melanie saw the same pole she whacked herself and went there.she stayed there waiting for the perfect time. “bAm!”Melanie juked the burglar and got whacked also that was the end of being of thief because he got arrested.Melanie got home and said “Mom this is what I meant when I said I was excited.”Mom read the letter from the “Cha Ching$$$”.Then Mom replied “MIJA,WE FILTHY RICH!!!” (Translation:HONEY,WE FILTHY RICH).Melanie was excited and said “But how much did we win?”.Then Mom said “$1,000,000!”They both quickly ran into the car and cashed in the check.Then Melanie said”What are we going to do with all this money?”Then Mom said “Donate half of it to the homeless sweetie.”Melanie smiled.

Storyboard Text

  • $1,000,000!!!
  • But how much did we win?
  • Get in the car!
  • Donate half of it to the homeless sweetie
  • ?What are we going to do with all this money
  • The End