Home Economics - RBA
Updated: 6/21/2020
Home Economics - RBA
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  • ANNA NO!
  • Ohhhh
  • Bluh Bluh Bluh ...
  • YUM!!!
  • In this scene the two girls were eating luch and the knife was left on the floor, so now Anna the little girl is going to step on it.
  • I cant see!
  • In this scene the mom was cooking breakfast but then got disstracked on the phone and wasnt paying attention so now the baby is going to touch the hot frying pan.
  • Yay, Im saving space
  • In this scene the fridge door has been left open so all the cold air is coming out and the dog is going to eat the food.
  • Maybe i should just check on the food..
  • In this scene It is night time and everything has been left open but its night time so the lady cant see anything and so she is going to bump into something and hurt herself.
  • In this scene the lady is useing her oven as storage space which is very wrong and something that you should never do because your oven is supposed to be used for cooking and not a place to store your things.
  • In this scene the lady is cooking some food in her pot and she wants to check on it but she shouldn't because if she does then she will let all the hot air out and so it is better to just leave your food to cook.
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