Monroe Doctrine storyboard
Updated: 1/15/2021
Monroe Doctrine storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • After the war of 1812, their was a time where the U.S. began to think about how they could expand their territory and how they could protect the country from another invasion.
  • We will do whatever we can to protect this country!
  • The U.S. realized that if another country took one of the other countries in the Americas, it could lead to the end of the U.S.
  • We should make something that protects everyone in the Americas!
  • I, James Monroe, present to you, the Monroe Doctrine!
  • The Government decided to make the Monroe Doctrine which protected the Countries in the Americas from an invasion.
  • With the Monroe Doctrine in action, trade within the Americas was increased and wars subsided.
  • Anyone is allowed to enter, but do not bring your guns!
  • Word of this doctrine quickly spread among the other countries and they became mad that they couldn't spread their territories to the Americas.
  • My Lord, the U.S. is attacking any country that invades the Americas.
  • This is outrageous!
  • Now with this new doctrine in action, the U.S. could focus more on making factories and increasing trade.
  • This business has been very successful.
  • Indeed!