Updated: 6/23/2020
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  • I'm so sweaty right now, I shouldn't have worn a black shirt!
  • RadiationIt wasn't wise to wear a black shirt and black pants, since the waves of UV light of the sun get absorbed by the shade black, because that means black absorbs all radiant energy / colors, and the light turns into heat, which results in the shirt heating up. It is highly efficient to wear light colored shirts. Since white reflects all colors and light, it causes the shirt to prevent getting heated up.
  • Its so windy!
  • ConvectionIts windy because the hot air from the sun, is getting heated. When the air is heated the particles move faster and spread apart more, and therefore the air moves up. As it goes up though, it starts cooling down, and starts moving to the sides. But before, the hot air moved up. So what happens with the space where the air was? Well, there couldn't just be a void of space left there, so instead, the colder gases fill up that space, causing it to be windy and cold. These are called Convection Currents. The same process happens with liquids/fluids, but instead it happens with warmer liquids, going up, and colder liquids filling up the space.
  • OW
  • Conduction
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