World War II Major Battles - Mr.Buelin - Gavin Peele & Joshua Mondragon
Updated: 1/27/2020
World War II Major Battles - Mr.Buelin - Gavin Peele & Joshua Mondragon
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  • Battle of Britain, 1940, Allied powers won. In 1940 the Germans decided to attack great britain and although they had more planes than great britain.great britain still won.
  • Britain doesn't stand a chance!
  • These Germans have to lose!
  • Pearl Harbor, 1941, Axis powers won. On december 7th 1941 Japan bombed pearl harbor and destroyed 21 ships and killed 2,403
  • Midway, 1942, Allied powers won. In 1942 there was a battle in the middle of the pacific ocean close to asia and north america but the allies won the battle.
  • Battle of Stalingrad, 1942-1943, Allied powers won. The attack was on a Communications Center that was important to Joseph Stalin and Hitler, who hated Joseph. Half of the City was reduced to rubble and the Russians hid from the Germans making quick, surprise attacks on the German soldiers slowly wearing them down which forced the Germans to surrender.
  • NOOoOooO! My Communications Center!!
  • D-Day, 1944, Allied powers won. The Allies stormed Normandy beach after making a distraction to the Germans. The distraction was an invasion on calais.
  • Battle of the Bulge, 1944, Allied powers won. The allies were caught unprepared and were confused by German spies about the attack the Germans were going to make. The allies ended up winning because there were pockets of soldiers that attacked suddenly and caught the Germans off guard and they made enough time for American reinforcements to get there.
  • These Germans need to leave, now.
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