Broken Blade by: Aurora Pinsonnault 6
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by: Aurora Pinsonnault 6

Storyboard Text

  • Bye mom, bye dad!
  • A legacy awaits you!
  • Bye my son!
  • Bye son!
  • Be good!
  • I wish i could be at school reading poems with sister..
  • Of all people, it had to be him..
  • I have become a voyageur to help my family, as my father has become crippled from an injury. I am leaving behind my friends, family, and hometown.
  • after leaving St.annes, things have still been hard. They are getting easier although, since others are helping me. my muscles ache, and I am still VERY homesick
  • We decided to canoe our way through this part of the journey, and wow, was it wild. We were heading towards a giant boulder and La Londe, well, he sacraficed himself to save us, all of us.
  • It was REALLY treachurus and rough crossing the big water, we started to get water in our boat. I wasn´t sure we´d make it to the middle island.
  • We had made it to the trading post. All that hard work WAS worth it! When I saw the trading post in the distance I was so relieved to be there, it felt like heaven to me!
  • I will return to Lachine with my brigade, I am returning home because I have been awfully homesick. The voyage was such a fun journey, but I think I will stay at school next spring. I would like to be a lawyer like my mother has always wanted