Message been seen 2
Updated: 12/31/2020
Message been seen 2

Storyboard Text

  • But sometimes we were asking for agreements if they did not reply. We do not know they agree or not. It was big trouble! Hence, we cannot persist with the decision or plan!
  • We can state the statement clearly like seen mean no objection or do a vote with a clear view, and each of us can read the message and vote for it. Otherwise, we can use a google form to did that vote or make a poll.
  • Besides, it makes trouble for some people because they might want to vote it anonymously. Furthermore, WhatApps does not have any poll making function.
  • Wow, if everyone votes by messaging, more message will be sent in the group and quite a big destruction.
  • Red Hat was not satisfied with the problem of voting. And he tries to state the trouble will be faced on this issue.
  • Actually, Telegram APP has a function known as the poll, we can have any vote for the agreement. And it is anonymous.
  • We should always avoid disturbing the rest time of the member.
  • Green Hat has thought a few ways to solve the issue stated by Red Hat.
  • That’s great. That function in Telegram itself won’t disturb everyone by the blast with unnecessary stuff, and those who were shy can vote peacefully.
  • It can help us to reduce the no response on message issue. Most of us can have a well rest moment.
  • Black Hat did not agree with some of the Green Hat suggestions because she has thought the trouble that will occur.
  • In that case, we have to change our official group message from WhatsApp’s to Telegram. So, now we have to avoid sending messages during non-office hours.
  • The person in charge should always pin the message on group info. When having any kind of vote needed, make a poll.
  • White Hat has stated a suitable APP for solving the issue and telling some facts.
  • Yellow Hat has found out the benefits of the suggestion from Green Hat and White Hat.
  • Blue Hat collected of the suggestion and point of view and concluded the solution.