Vocab comic

Updated: 8/26/2020
Vocab comic

Storyboard Text

  • The paradigm on the houses were bright and colorful
  • When you walk beside the houses the parallax of the building doesnt really show the colors
  • We would never know if Karen was a very vitirolic person until we meet her.
  • Rick is very nefarious and has a criminal record but we wouldnt know until we saw proof
  • Usually we dont pay attention to the sonder of other people when we walk down the street
  • Barbara is very apathetic about other peoples feelings but you wouldnt know that just by walking past her.
  • We also wouldnt be able to think ambiguously becuase maybe the old lady attacked him first.
  • Rick expressed paraxysm when he attacked an old lady in the middle of the street
  • The old lady couldve thought what he said was nuance compared to what he thinks he meant with his tone.
  • The sylvan forest has many stories like how evrybody on the streets has a story.