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Updated: 3/13/2020
Kayla Koch's Freak the Mighty Storyboard

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  • "Maxwell Kane, your presence is requested. -Mrs. Addison"
  • Just give 'em name, rank, and serial number. Deny everything.
  • Gram! Is Gram okay?
  • Yes, yes, everybody is fine. Come in and sit down. And please try to calm down!
  • You're putting me back in LD class, aren't you?
  • Because if I do have to go back to LD class, I won't. I just won't. I'll run away. I will, I will.
  • This is rather difficult, and I don't know where to begin. First, I am very pleased with your progress.-
  • I don't want to hear it! Don't want to hear it! Don't want to hear it! Don't, Don't Don't!
  • Ms. Donelli finds a note from Mrs. Addison asking Max to go to her office. Freak then tries to give him advice.
  • A request has been forwarded to me from the parole board. A request form your father, your father wants to know if-
  • No, no this isn't about your classwork, or even school. This is about your, uhm, father.
  • Max arrives at the principal's office and begins to panic. Mrs. Addison tries to calm him down.
  • Mrs. Addison tries to explain to Max why she called him here. Max immediately assumes he's getting sent back to LD class.
  • Mrs. Addison attempts to tell Max about his father and what he said, but Max refuses and begins yelling and covering his ears.