Updated: 10/28/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Angle visits Muhammad in the cave
  • It is an Angel
  • Continues to reavel messages from god for the next 22 year
  • While praying an Angel visited Muhammad and said he will be a messenger of god. But frightened Muhammad ran off.
  • Has the messages written down
  • Later his wife convinces him it was an angel that tried to speak with him and to go back and see the Angel again.
  • His teachings are regected
  • For the next 22 years Muhammad go´s up to the cave and the Angel revels messages from god to Muhammad
  • The migration
  • Even thought Muhammad said the messages from god were imprinted in his mind and heart eventually they were written down and became known as the Our´an
  • Muhammad's teaching were met with rejection from many people. They didn't want to share there wealth, they also didn’t want Muhammad to take political control.
  • Muhammad and his few new followers eventually had to flee Mecca (and were accepted into the city of Medina)
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