Story Board P2
Updated: 3/12/2020
Story Board P2

Storyboard Text

  • "Lets go to the living room and your mother will explain all about it."
  • "I remember being that height your age."
  • "REALLY?! How'd you get so big then??"
  • "Oh sweetie, its because you haven't had your growth spurt yet."
  • "Why am I not as big as dad?"
  • "Growth spurts are the rapid changes in the body that are visible mainly through height and weight"
  • "What makes someone tall or short?"
  • "Some bones that deal with height are the femur and humerus."
  • "As you grow, the cartilage in your bones grows. Overtime it slowly gets replaced with more bone."
  • "How do our bones grow?"
  • "By eating your enough veggies, exercising, and getting enough proteins."
  • "And remember sweetie to always keep your bones healthy!"
  • "Well how do I do that?"
  • "What do our bones do for us?"
  • "The skeletal system supports our body, helps us with movement, protects our internal organs, and produces blood cells."
  • "Our bones come together to form a skeletal system which has many purposes!"
  • "Like what exactly?"
  • "What happens a bone breaks? Do I get a new one?"